Mt. Triglav ascent

Climb the highest slovenian mountain

Climbing Slovenia's highest mountain - Mt. Triglav (2.864 m) is highly aesthetic experience. In the heart of Triglav national park, Slovenia's only national park, you will get to enjoy truly unspoiled nature, breathtaking views and the satisfaction of achieving something special. It's a two-day trip, where on the first day we ascend to the one of the huts under the Triglav dome. The next day we climb the summit (some moderate via-ferrata climbing) and descend to the valley. 


What do you get for the price?

  • licensed guide,

  • transfer (pick-up in Bled or within approx. 50 km radius),

  • safety equipment (helmet, harness, via ferrata safety set),

  • photos.

Minimum people in the group: 2

Maximum people in the group: 4

Price per person: 245€