Corsica - the ultimate Mediterranean adventure


Day one: Slovenia - Italy - Corsica (Corte)

We will load our stuff on the van and head from Slovenia through northern Italy to Livorno port, where we will embark a ferry to Corsica. After approximately 4 hours we will disembark in Bastia, Corsica's northernmost port town and continue to Corte, lovely small town in the heart of the island.

Day two: Restonica valley - Lac de Melo and Lac de Capitello (lakes)

Nice trekking in the Restonica valley all the way to the beautiful glacial lakes of Melo (1.710m) and Capitello (1.930m) at the end of the valley surrounded with majestic granite mountains. We will return the same way and at the end we will have the opportunity to jump into the crystal clear Restonica river to freshen-up. Transfer to Solenzara, a costal town on the east coast.

Day three: Purcaraccia canyoning

This day is for canyoning in the first canyon of Purcaraccia river. It's a nice 1,5h walk to the starting point where we will jump into the first of numerous emerald green pools. Canyoning itself will take us about 3 hours and a short walk back to the car. We will spend free afternoon either on the Solenzara river bank, swimming in the nice refreshing water either on the beach of Solenzara town.

Day four: Polischeddu canyoning - Bavella - Porto Vecchio

Second canyon will provide us a lot of fun jumpin, sliding or abseiling from pool to pool. Another stunning canyon followed by drive over the Bavella pass in Bavella national park to Porto Vecchio, an old port town.

Day five: Bonifacio - Capo Pertusato - Propriano

The fifth day will be more relaxing with morning coffee in Bonifacio, Corsica's probably most renowned town, perched on top of white cliffs above the sea. After short walk through the town we will walk to the island's southernmost point, Capo Pertusato where windswept landscape is pretty unique. In the afternoon we will move on to the west coast and lodge in Propriano.

Day six: Baracci canyon - Porto - Corte

The last canyoning on our trip! Nice and fun Baracci canyon is something quite different to previous two thanks to different landscape and geological structure of surroundings. But this doesn't mean it's less fun! After the adrenaline session we will drive through spectacular ladscape of Les Calanches de Piana to Porto, where we will have a short break on the beach and then the last bit of drive to Corte.

Day seven: Monte Cinto

From Corte we will have a short drive to the starting point for the ascent to Monte Cinto, Corsica's highest mountain (2.706m). It's a moderate to challenging walk to the top, where the stunning views will leave you breathless. We will return the same way, overnight in Corte.

Day eight: return home